by Demetrio Rizzo
Athens Museums

Athens is full of museums, theatres, libraries, exhibitions and cultural shows. It is truly an art and culture capital, where the overwhelming number of theatres (135) and museums (130) reminds us that we are in the very same place where more than 2500 years ago our civilisation was born and developed.

The city has the highest concentration in the world of Classical Greek finds. It has a large number of monuments, sculptures and objects of ancient Greece which have been kept with care and restored with advanced techniques. Greek archaeologists are constantly in contact with their English, French, German, Italian and American colleagues who have established Athens as their base, in order to increase knowledge of the Greek civilisation which was the source of inspiration for all western culture.

The important Athenian collections of ancient art can be found :

  1. in various city museums, like the National archaeological museum, the Acropolis museum and the Benaki museum;
  2. simply by walking along the street, in main squares like Sindagma and Kotzia
  3. using the underground that is a work of art in itself, as it is made up of 'museum stations" -containing a large ancient art heritage and interesting modern art exhibitions.

Art in Athens has never been relegated to certain areas, but it has always been shown in every part of the city, whether or not in full view of the public. Other than in the underground, contemporary art can be found in old derelict factories, in basements, on walls of buildings, in all its main squares, everywhere. There are many contemporary Greek artists and the Greeks have a high appreciation of art.

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