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Athens Metro Network
Athens Metrņ Athens Tram Periferiakos: the urban rail
Athens Metro Network: It's modern, quick, efficient and comfortable, it is 152km long and definitely the best way to get around in the city.
Ticket prices: Euro 0,70 for a single trip in the city area (zone 1 & 2) - Euro 1.00 for 90min trips by any other public transport mode in all the city area (exept zone 3 & Airport) - Euro 2.90 for 24hrs trips in the city area (exept Airport) & for unlimited trips by any other public transport mode - Euro 6.00 for one trip from/to the Airport.
Journey time: from Athens International Airport to Syntagma Sq. (M3) 27min - Larissis Station (P1) 30min - Piraeus (M3+M1) 60min.
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