by Demetrio Rizzo
Athens - Monastiraki Square

This is a small square adjacent to the old city and definitely the most charming one in the city centre with wonderful views of the Acropolis. The buildings date back to the most significant historical periods of the city. In the centre there is a lovely Byzantine church of 10th century A.D. It was part of an old monastery that was destroyed and gave the name to the area. On the side of the square there is a former mosque, a legacy of the Ottoman rule and one of the oldest underground stations of Athens of the 19th Century.

Plateia Monastiraki is the connection point between the ancient quarters of Plaka, Monastiraki, Psirì and Athinas street that connects the square to the more modern Platia Omonias. It is practically on the border of the new city and the old city, and it offers a stark yet charming contrast of styles and historical periods.

Area served by Athens Metro Network:
Metrò L1
Metrò L3

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