by Demetrio Rizzo
Athens - Sidagma Square

It is the central square of the Greek capital. Its name means 'of the constitution', this is where the huge stately neoclassical and former royal palace is situated. Today it is the seat of Parliament. It is elegant, large and full of greenery, surrounded by luxury hotels and it houses one of the most beautiful underground stations in the world.

In the square there is the monument to the Unknown Soldier, where the change of the guard takes place daily. The ceremony is very much appreciated by children and tourists. On the opposite side to the parliament building enter Erm¨ Street, a very central shopping street. It is entirely pedestrianised and full of shops and designer stores. Lately the square has been renovated with beautiful gardens, fountains and open-air cafÚs, thus regaining its old charm.

Area served by Athens Metro Network:
Metr˛ L2
Metr˛ L3
Tram Line A

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